You wouldn’t drive a car without a dashboard, so why do it to your body?

In the rush of today’s ever-faster technology, we rarely get a chance to catch our breath. This constant pressure puts stress on our minds and bodies, and it shows: almost a third of our population today experiences anxiety disorders. To keep up with this frantic fast pace, we need a new approach. Instead of driving in the dark, let’s give ourselves the knowledge to take control of the ride.

Our earbuds provide you with a dashboard that will help you take the wheel. With the self-reflective knowledge of your own body, you can drive smoothly on the path to mindfulness, and listen to great music while doing it!



Our Dashboard  



Heart Beat

Your heart rate is a bit like the speed of your car. What you want is not too fast, not too slow, and not too erratic.  Your heart speeds up and slows down to accommodate your changing need for oxygen as your activities vary throughout the day. 




The way you breathe can impact your whole body. Your breathing rate is a window to important functions such as heart rate and blood pressure. Breathing properly can reduce stress levels and boost your immunity to infections and illnesses. Poor breathing is related to panic attacks and even insomnia and depression. Breathing correctly means that your body is being supplied with the right amount of oxygen, replenishing your brain and other vital organs with essential nutrients.



A body temperature of 98.6 degrees F is considered normal. In healthy adults body temperature can range between 97.8 degrees F and 99 degrees F. Our bodies also constantly update their temperature according to environmental conditions - body temperature rises when you exercise and you may have a low body temperature at night. With our earbuds, you will be able to see that your body temperature is higher in the afternoon than first thing in the morning when you rise.


Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms measured with our earbuds will help you discover your body's clock. Circadian rhythms are the daily rhythms influenced by light and darkness that help us to wake up or go to sleep. They are a 24-hour cycle which alters with daylight, seasonal-light and climate. We are affected by changes in the amount of light to the extent that we may have trouble sleeping and suffer significant emotional and physical disruption.